About Us


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What We Do

Promoting and defending democracy as a conflict resolving institution through the ideals of free, fair, and accountable political competition.

Why We Do It

Democracies peacefully change government leaders and policies on a regular basis – with more freedom, dignity, and justice – and more opportunities to succeed – than any other form of government.  We see the suffering of people who live under repressive regimes and prefer to avoid that for ourselves and our loved ones.  We want to see our democracy preserved and strengthened.

How We Do It

We want to be a non-partisan and neutral source of inspiration and a practical resource. Our website has links to a wide range of podcasts, videos, and the constitution itself to help you get better acquainted with all the important parts of our democracy and why they matter. There is an additional resource page with links to organizations assisting with civic education, elections in the USA and around the world, information about upcoming legislation, and government accountability.  We provide a regular blog, and welcome your ideas for future topics.  Some of you might even want to contribute.  We hope you will subscribe and share with your family, friends, and neighbors.


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