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Martin Luther King Jr.

In a democracy, people need to trust that they will be treated fairly. They need to know they can vote …Read More

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Emergency Powers

In any republic, much depends upon the trust of political leaders and the people that election winners will not use their power to entrench themselves at the expense of the losers. In fact, entrenchment has been a feature of many governments around the world. Leaders find an excuse to act outside of normal law – by declaring a state of emergency.Read More

Profile PhotoffademocracyJanuary 7, 2019

Introduction to the Budget Process

Trust in our system of democracy depends in no small part upon how well it delivers for us. The services we get from the government are part of that. Few of us are happy about shut-downs, inadequate services, waste, and unsustainable debt. That prompts a question: how is the U.S. budget process supposed to work?Read More

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Today is Thanksgiving Day in the United States of America.  Here at CFFAD, we are grateful today, as every day, …Read More

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Change is easier when our elected representatives are working together to get something done. The good news in this context is that there is far more common ground for them to build on than you will hear from the media. You can remind them of that.Read More

Profile PhotoffademocracyOctober 20, 2018

Impossible to Be Civil?

Hillary Clinton said this week “You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand …Read More

Profile PhotoffademocracyOctober 12, 2018

Lost in the Outrage

Much of the press coverage about the Supreme Court confirmation process, mainstream and otherwise, has been about the alleged low …Read More

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Constitution Day

Monday, September 17, is Constitution Day.  It’s a good excuse to think about a few things.  First of all, what’s …Read More

Profile PhotoffademocracySeptember 16, 2018

Can Leaders Change for the Better?

Mahathir Mohamad, George Wallace, and the 2018 Malaysian election. Dr. Mahathir Mohamad (center), the once-and-future Malaysian Prime Minister greets protestors …Read More

Profile Photogtl14August 9, 2018

Supreme Court and Democracy

With the composition of the Supreme Court being so consequential, the Senate has an eternal obligation to confirm justices who will defend the constitution on a non-partisan basis for all people within our borders. We hope citizens will ask their senators to go beyond that and make support for free, fair, and accountable democracy one of their major confirmation criteria.Read More

Profile PhotoffademocracyJuly 5, 2018

Free Speech: Abuse It and Lose It

The right to free speech is an integral part of modern democracy. Abuse that right and you abuse democracy. Take that abuse too far and you won’t have free speech any more.Read More

Profile PhotoffademocracyJune 27, 2018

Cruelty Hurts Democracy Here, Persecuted Minorities Overseas

Cruelty towards immigrants practice puts our democracy at risk, along with our ability to advocate for persecuted minorities overseas.Read More

Profile PhotoffademocracyJune 21, 2018

Setting Fires and Pouring Gasoline

Our constitution gives the media a central and protected role in our democracy. Our founding fathers expected the media would help hold leaders accountable and also help educate voters (and legislators) about the pros and cons of various policy options. The media have never been especially polite in doing the job the founder fathers gave them: personal attacks on political leaders started early on. In the last many years, however, many media owners have directed their staff to set fires and then pour gasoline on them.Read More

Profile PhotoffademocracyJune 11, 2018

Elon Musk: You Can Help Make the Press Better

The first amendment to the US Constitution guarantees the right to a free press (TV, radio, newspapers, blogs, social media). This is a right worth fighting for. The press that you don’t like today might be a very important friend at other times in your life.Read More

Profile PhotoffademocracyJune 3, 2018

Unintended Consequences

Policy driven by loyalty, passion, and frustration can lead to unintended consequences.Read More

Profile PhotoffademocracyMay 22, 2018

These People are Winning

Democracy is not dying everywhere, or even in most places. Here is an example from Slovakia. The action started just a few months ago and the people are winning! Read More

Profile PhotoffademocracyMay 6, 2018

Is it Time to Restore Big Tent Politics?

Another illustration of the definition of insanity:  recently the Washington Post published a story on how many voters and party …Read More

Profile PhotoffademocracyApril 11, 2018

The 2nd Amendment & Changing Times

Things have changed between the time of the founding fathers and now. On the one hand, the USA now has an extremely well-armed military force, while most state and local governments have well-armed police forces, and all of those forces are under the control of elected civilian leaders. On the other hand, the USA has a far higher rate of gun deaths and mass shootings than most citizens are willing to accept. Whether and how things should be re-balanced are open questions suitable for respectful debate.Read More

Profile PhotoffademocracyMarch 24, 2018

Regular Elections, Regular Census

The US Constitution requires a census every 10 years. The census is mandatory because it affects the numbers of seats …Read More

Profile PhotoffademocracyMarch 20, 2018

Loving the Game, Defending the Rules

We should all understand that very few of us would have a vote or a political voice if we collectively fail to defend constitutional and legal limits on political behavior. Read More

Profile PhotoffademocracyMarch 14, 2018


Defending democracy is inherently difficult.  Reminding ourselves why the job is so problematic helps point the way towards a more effective defense. Read More

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Would you shoot your chief of police because he arrested your best friend?  Or would you malign his reputation in a very public way?  If you did, could you count on him to help you later?  Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face. Read More

Profile PhotoffademocracyJanuary 26, 2018

Martin Luther King Day 2018

In a democracy, people need to trust that they will be treated fairly. They need to know they can vote like anyone else, that they will be treated just as well as anyone else, regardless of how they vote, and that elected officials will feel as accountable to them as anyone else.Read More

Profile PhotoffademocracyJanuary 15, 2018

Divided We Fall

What if those in power now could be given assurances that they could continue to compete politically all across the nation - if they end their dangerous tactics of retaliation and entrenchment – combined with assurances that today’s opposition will also swear off such tactics? Doing so would allow everyone to return to the business of getting better results for our country, for our children, and for our grandchildren. All that is required is that elected officials look out for the public interest instead of governing in pursuit of their self interest - and for each of us to insist they do so.Read More

Profile PhotoffademocracyJanuary 8, 2018

Happy Holidays

The religious tolerance and freedom that our founding fathers gave birth to is something to celebrate – and something each of us can uphold personally.Read More

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On Thanksgiving Day, let’s give thanks for all the people who make up our American democracy.Read More

Profile PhotoffademocracyNovember 22, 2017

From Fighting to Solution: Redwoods

It is possible to achieve good and useful things with people you disagree with. Here is a real world example.  …Read More

Profile PhotoffademocracyNovember 15, 2017

Let’s Unite In Spite of Russia

Now that we know Russian leaders have been trying to divide us, let’s fight back. Let's find ways to unite.Read More

Profile PhotoffademocracyNovember 4, 2017

Does the FCC Care About the Heartland?

We voters need information about the problems facing us, how politicians and bureaucrats propose to solve those problems, and what they actually do. That’s why our Constitution includes our right to a free press. In today’s USA, our press may be free, but state and local news is becoming harder to find. We now have a serious problem with “news deserts” where people have few if any options to learn what’s going on in their area. New FCC and proposed decisions are not helping.Read More

Profile PhotoffademocracyOctober 27, 2017

Hate-Bait: Anthem Kneeling Controversy

Hate-bait is meant to divide us. It appeals to our emotion and prejudices. It over-rides practical thinking as well as …Read More

Profile PhotoffademocracyOctober 11, 2017

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