Can Leaders Change for the Better?

Mahathir Mohamad, George Wallace, and the 2018 Malaysian election. Dr. Mahathir Mohamad (center), the once-and-future Malaysian Prime Minister greets protestors …

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Cruelty Hurts Democracy Here, Persecuted Minorities Overseas

Cruelty towards immigrants practice puts our democracy at risk, along with our ability to advocate for persecuted minorities overseas.

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Regular Elections, Regular Census

The US Constitution requires a census every 10 years. The census is mandatory because it affects the numbers of seats …

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Loving the Game, Defending the Rules

We should all understand that very few of us would have a vote or a political voice if we collectively fail to defend constitutional and legal limits on political behavior.

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The End of Partisan Gerrymandering? Fingers Crossed!

One of the most fundamental aspects of a democracy is that citizens vote for their leaders rather than politicians selecting their voters through partisan redistricting (gerrymandering).  On October 3, 2017, the US Supreme Court heard a case that could end this practice forever. It is hard to know how the justices will rule on this issue but one thing is certain:  anything that leads to more political competition will be welcome.  As noted in our August 14, 2017 blog, too many states, and too many districts within those states are currently noncompetitive.  More than a few districts don’t even provide voters with a choice: no-one wants to waste time and money running as an opposition candidate, knowing they are doomed to lose.  Americans deserve better. Let’s hope the Supreme Court justices lend a hand.

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Cyber Attacks and Election Integrity

Democracy truly is under attack. Cyber techniques are the latest weapons. They are aimed directly at us, seeking to stimulate emotion over thought, sowing doubt and distrust.  More computerization is not the answer.

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What Does Election Fraud Look Like?

The formation of the new Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity raises an interesting question. If there were cheating in the US presidential election, or any election, what would it look like? It is easy to visualize – if you can get the right data – but can be complicated to interpret.

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