Martin Luther King Day 2018

MLK Wikimedia CommonsPhoto credit: USMC, Wikimedia Commons.

In a democracy, people need to trust that they will be treated fairly. They need to know they can vote like anyone else, that they will be treated just as well as anyone else, regardless of how they vote, and that elected officials will feel as accountable to them as anyone else.

This need to trust has been especially important throughout our history for many people on account of their race, religion, country of origin, gender, or sexual preferences. It’s a good bet that at least one branch of your own family has felt some kind of discrimination, in the past or today. We should be thankful for their struggle and sacrifice, for their demand that our democracy should serve all Americans – a goal that we need to continue struggling for even today.

Today we celebrate the life and sacrifices made by Martin Luther King, and by so many, many others. Tomorrow, and every day, we should uphold the democratic values he and they fought so hard for – on behalf of all Americans.

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