Civics Resources

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The following links are useful for learning and teaching. 

Teaching Civics


  • The Civics Renewal Network has lots of partners and useful advocacy tools.

  • Center for Civic Education has decades of experience and great books and videos.

  • Civics 101 – from New Hampshire Public Radio – is a refresher course on the basics of how our democracy works. The podcast covers  topics from midterm elections, to foreign aid, to constitutional amendments – and a whole lot more!

  • iCivics is great for middle-school and high-school students.

  • US Constitution.


Practicing Civics



The Center for Free, Fair, and Accountable Democracy

Our Mission

We provide non-partisan civic education for adults age 18 and above, focused on the benefits of representative democracy, the foundations of trust in representative democracy, and the role of citizens in defending their democracies.

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