A map of each American state by the most popular food-chain from each. Picture credits: MentalFloss, and Thrillist.

[note style=”other” bg=”#2bc2ec” border=”#f42828″ bordercolor=”{{bordercolor}}” color=”#ffffff”] [heading] Theory and Design of Democratic Systems [/heading] ACE Electoral Knowledge Network [heading] Learning About & Celebrating the USA [/heading] State Plate, INSP TV.  Explores what kind of food are unique to each state.                                       Handcrafted America, INSP TV. Searches out America’s finest artisans.                                                        America’s Heartland, PBS. The only TV show celebrating American agriculture. [heading] Perspective [/heading] This Day in History.                                                                                                                                                                Views of our shared planet, from above. [/note]