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On Thanksgiving Day, let’s give thanks for all the people who make up our American democracy.Uncle Sam's Thanksgiving Dinner T Nast Harpers Mag 1869Artistic credit:  Thomas Nast, 1869, Harper’s Weekly.

Thanksgiving Day in the US is a traditionally a time for families to come together. Historically, it was a day for actual thanksgiving: for survival, for help from the Wampanoag, for a good harvest, and for the end of war.

In that spirit, we give thanks for all the people who make up our American democracy. We are grateful for their love for their families, and their love for our country. We are grateful for their knowledge, their skill, their music, their writing, their art, and their athletic abilities.  We thank them for their contributions to their churches and their communities, and for all the little kindnesses they did throughout the year.

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